Cthonic Forge: A Blue Collar Tea Partier's Paradigm
(beginning around 2010) This gallery will contain most of the large drawings and paintings I make this decade. I suspect most of it will have a political edge opposite that of most folks in the art world currently. I'm a Libertarian (of the Milton Freeman/Thomas Sowell variety) a Tea Party sympathizer, a small business owner (I rent my roll-off containers to local contractors & home owners) and basically a blue collar working stiff who has taught college now and then.
Portraits, commissions, & paintings of people that I care about, know, or just find interesting.
Landscapes (late 2000's)
Landscapes; somewhat traditional, some less so.
Stations of the Cross
Working on a complete set of figurative Stations of the Cross is quite a challenge. The art history, not to mention History, makes for a daunting chorus of voices in the background.
Watercolors and Pastels
I finish few of my many sketches for paintings. These are the survivors.
GOLDEN SECTION (early 2000's)
A Suite of paintings based on ideas born over the many years of study & thinking about Matila Ghyka's Great Book "The Geometry of Art & Life."
Small Sketches & Drawings
Sketches & small drawings usually just for practice, sometimes for paintings, those I didn't get paint all over. Maybe I should post more of these...
Icons and Book Covers
Book cover illustrations and Catholic/Christian Icons
IN OUR TIME' 1990's
A suite of work I turned to during interesting times. When the world moved in too close and I needed to push back.
YOU DECIDE: Paintings which have sat around the studio or in gallery back rooms too long. Should I burn them or keep them? falsbach@sbcglobal.net

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